Rid Your Property of Harmful Contaminants

Find residential and commercial mold control in Summerfield, FL

Humid weather makes the perfect environment for mold growth. You should have your property inspected every five years to seek out and eliminate mold before it can become a health issue.

Florida Cooling Experts Inc will inspect your home or business facility and alert you to any traces of mold. Then, we’ll address the situation to remove the mold and purify the air in your property.

Choose us for efficient mold control services in Summerfield, Florida. Call 352-307-8590 now for a free first-time inspection.

You’ll be breathing cleaner air in no time

You’ll be breathing cleaner air in no time

When Florida Cooling Experts visits your property, we’ll:

  • Inspect it to locate all traces of mold
  • Spray our safe and effective mold killer on contaminated areas
  • Disinfect your property before we leave

Our spray will make short work of any type of mold. Contact us today to learn more about mold removal in Summerfield, Florida.